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Green Ginseng Root Powder
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Green Ginseng Root Powder

Green Ginseng Root Powder * Total Ginsenosides Contents – 9.14mg/g Product Features: High-performance raw material produced by patent technology for maximum extract of Ginsenosides by freeze-drying (Patent Registration.10-1332812 for Ginseng Process) Extract of Ginsenoside Rh1 not found in 5-Year-Old Ginseng Roots (Liver Protection, Anti-Tumor Effects) for Raw Materials of Nutraceuticals like Hangover Drinks. Extract of Ginsenosides Rg1 & Rb1 (Fatigue Recovery, Immunity Promotion) for Raw Materials of Nutraceuticals. Extract of Ginsenoside Re (Neutral Fat Decrease, Central Nerves Inhibition Effects) for Raw Materials of Nutraceutical. Extract of Ginsenoside F2 (Atopic Skin Improvement Effect) for Raw Materials of Atopic Dermatitis Treatment. Extract of Ginsenoside Rg2 (Wrinkle Care & Whitening Effect) for Raw Materials of Herbal Cosmetics.

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